How to brake or stop an object that slips on a plane?

Hallo everybody,
I am trying to break and stop an object which is sliding on a plane?
I setted up alls parameters and gave a big value to Friction on the Floor but the sliding text is not breaking and stopping…
See the Gif attached.
AnimationFrenare un oggetto che scivola_01

I attached the basic simple blender. scene, if needs.
FLIP_fluid_simulation_05.blend (1.3 MB)

Thanks for a glad replay!

Hi @Duca,

Set the friction on the word ‘water’ to 0.65 and the friction on the flat plane ‘floor’ to 0.5.

The word should stop in the center-ish of that plane. ( adjust either value above to fine-tune).

For friction to work both surfaces need to have some value.



It works great!
Thank you DamianJ!

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