how to build pyramid with blocks

i try to make pyramid with block,
what is the easy and smart way to do it? i cant find a good tutorial.
i have group of 4 block and i want to build from them a pyramid, i try use the array and curve modifyr but its not work good, i dont want to duplicate all the block andplace them in the right place cuse it will be alot of work

The array modifier is the way to go:

or go to Preferences (ctrl+alt+u) and activate “Add Mesh Extra Objects”
There is a Step Pyramid out of the box.

From left:

  • Cube
  • top face selected, X -> edge collapse
  • remesh modifier added, blocks mode, octree depth adjusted


I would start with a large plane and extrude the edges up and in for each tier until they reach the apex.

Maybe the technique Benjamin Vurlod describes in this tutorial will help:

neat trick i wonder if theres a way to do this with just having 8 verticies per layer? you could do it by hand with scaling and such but you would have to use math :frowning:

thx for the help but i need some more, (sorry of the english…)
the “step Pyramid” add on and the Remesh didnt good for me cuse i want to use block that i made,
i can use the array but i want to duplicate a group of alot of block (stone) and not only one (i can add all the block to one object, but its make me other problems), and onother problem with the array that i need to do this to alot levels (at least 25, its a big and relistic pyramid).
i can give a picture if it will help.

you could consider doing it manually, and adding a mirror modifier so you only have to do 1/4 of the work.

blender cant do everything for you, dont expect it to do anything. what you need is a very spesific thing, witch means few softwares will have tools spesificly for that one task.

you probably right, but i hope you not…
i think maybe driver can do some work for me, i need to test it

i try to use a curve and array, its work fine but the corner lose they shape, how can i fix them that they stay cube on the corner?


thx benny, it should do the job!

You can use more than one array modifier on an object, so create one for each dimension for as many blocks and tiers you want, then Apply them and go into Edit mode and Separate them, then go back into Object mode and delete the blocks you don’t need. That simple.