How to build these kinds of shapes?

I’ve seen some interesting shapes I’d like to use on a project I’m working on but I don’t have any idea how/where to begin. Can anybody help guide me in the right direction?


Cell fracture for the bottom image, select random, assign material 1, invert selection, add material 2.

Twisted torri, inset faces, scale. (but im thinking its maybe a mobiuus with depth)

Hope that helps

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You can also try this addon:


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The second image…Hmmm, I have only a vague idea for now…would have to play with some ideas…
And of course, I haven’t even thought about Geometry Nodes as yet…

Cell fracture is clearly the way to go. Very cool. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll try it tomorrow!

Yep. Component within Tissue looks like fun. Great place to learn more. :+1: is your friend.