How to call pytone code

Hello, can someone please tell me how to know what should I write here to call python code? Maybe to give me a resource where I can learn all this basic stuff I’m interested to learn python. Thanks all.

Go to the Scripting tab and there will be a Console you can type in, or else using the Text Editor there. Once you enter code in the editor, a Run Script button at the top (looks like PLAY) will appear.
EDIT: You have to click + NEW at the top before you can type anything.

Oh, you miss understand me. I know that, what I mean is how to know what code to write in “New Keymap” so it will call pyone code from operation, check photo it will be more clear. There is bpy. code for “Copy as new driver button” to bind that on some keyboard I should put some other code above.
I tried “wm.context_toggle” but not work, I wonder how to know what type of code I should use when want to call pytone codes from buttons and other tools from UI. Hope you understand me.