How To chane color via f -curves

Hello and thank you for entering here.

Blender 2.71; Cycles.

I want to change color in time of the model using F-curve modifier.
The change could not be a gradient (u know in 1 second is red in 10 second is blue and between therm is a mix of them two) but the change must be rapid.

I want to use this by adding a sound to f-curves so the model will change its color depending on the tone of sound.

The color must change randomly - when in sound will be a kick (the rhythm) the color must change with every kick -once red, once yellow, once blu … and so on.

Someone could help a bit …

I just start to think about it but brain storm is faster method to get some results.

Please give some advices and ideas.

A lot of learning here … So I will start.
Thanks :wink: