How to change accent colors?

Hi friends where is accent colors in theme setting?.

Could you be more specific in your question!

Which color of which part of the theme do you want to modify/accentuate?

Otherwise, it’s all in Preferences > Theme

Screenshot at 2020-04-07 18-03-16

Sorry how do i change the blue color to my prefered color theme?.i was trying to make Julien Kaspar’s theme from Settlers modeling tut video.

:smiley: First help…

and …

Thankyou to make toolbar icons buttons rounder?

…and finally

Icons buttons rounder:

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: thank you.

Screenshot at 2020-04-07 18-30-19 How to change the tool icon’s look like this.

For exemple… :thinking:

Thank you did’nt work on my linux,but ill try this on windows.thank you FreeAccess.