How to change default tool parameters?


I want to change default parameters for activated tool.
For example Extrude Faces Along Normals start with this parameters:
I want that parameter “Offset Even” was turned on by default.
Found this in Keymap

but nothing happen when I click on option, they are as if blocked.

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Search for the keymap inside the labyrinth of the Keymap editor:

3D View–>Mesh–>3D View Tool: Edit Mesh, Extrude Along Normals

Copy the Value (remember to change the button from Left to Right, or the new one will be deleted once you change that) then disable it, Create New, paste the Value into the field, enable Offset Even and copy the other settings from the old one.

I noticed that you can’t turn on the other options, like Proportional Editing, but you can set the Falloff curve.

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it seems nothing has changed

That’s because what you (and I) found is the options for tool you invoke clicking on the icon on the Tool panel, I can’t find the options for the one that uses the RMB.

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That looks like an inconsistency between old tools and new 2.8 tools due to a lack of clean-up.

Panel that you are showing are settings of active tool. The one that is available whiile activating corresponding icon in toolbar.
Its preferences do not seem to work for an unknown reason (It looks to be the same for all extrude active tools.). You can check Offset Even option in active tool properties and save startup.blend file, for this active tool.

But the tool that you call by using menu is another tool. It is exact same tool but that don’t use a gizmo and have a different python name in API.
So, if you try to add a shortcut to it via right click menu, you will end-up in keymap with a shortcut for a tool named extrude_move_shrink_fatten instead of extrude_region_shrink_fatten.
And that panel has no setting.

So, situation is stupid. We have a panel with settings that cannot be modified for active tool.
And we have none for tool that could be modified directly callable by a key in edit mesh mode.

Except doing a bugreport and being patient, it seems that there is nothing else to do.


It can’t be saved as sturtup blend file because every time I run the tool “Offset Even” checkbox always unchecked. Or maybe I misunderstood something…

I know that preferences are buggy. I am talking about active tool.
I am saying that this one can be saved into Startup.blend file.

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Seems like it still has no preset preference in the shortcut menu:

That’s all you get, a custom keyboard option.
It would really be valuable for modelling hard surfaces like those in archviz, I so OFTEN make the mistake of not checking even offset and move on, only to find out later… my mesh is not what I thought when offsetting.

Then learn python, or the absolute basics of it.
Change to the Scripting Layout and do the Extrude Faces Along Normals operation.
In the lower left window (the Info window) you will see something like…

bpy.ops.mesh.extrude_region_shrink_fatten(MESH_OT_extrude_region={“use_normal_flip”:False, “use_dissolve_ortho_edges”:False, “mirror”:False}, TRANSFORM_OT_shrink_fatten={“value”:1.2, “use_even_offset”:False, “mirror”:False, “use_proportional_edit”:False, “proportional_edit_falloff”:‘SMOOTH’, “proportional_size”:1, “use_proportional_connected”:False, “use_proportional_projected”:False, “snap”:False, “release_confirm”:False, “use_accurate”:False})

See the TRANSFORM_OT_shrink_fatten={“value”:1.2 part. That is the distance to extrude.
If you click on this code chunk it will all highlight and you can use Ctrl-c to copy it.
In the text editor window (in the scripting layout) click new.
Type import bpy . Press enter to go to the next line
… this is to make the code work. bpy is blender python. It goes at the start of every script. If you forget this you will get nothing but an error message.
Press Ctrl-v to paste the copied code chunk. Remember the bit that is TRANSFORM_OT_shrink_fatten={“value”:1.2, ?? Set that 1.2 value to the distance you want to keep repeating.
While in edit mode, every time you click the Play icon at the top of the text window it will run the script and extrude that distance.
Change ‘use_even_offset":False’ to ‘use_even_offset":True’ so the Offset even defaults to being on.

Split a window in your usual workspace and add the text window there. You only need it tall enough to just see the header bar - so you can click the play button.
The text is saved as part of your .blend file - so you can append it to other files. Or save into the default file.
CGPython has just released a video about doing this and converting it into buttons in the interface. Go have a look. He supplies most of the code, so you can easily follow along.

Also look at his
Create a Custom Blender Panel with less than 50 lines of Python code
from 2 weeks ago.

If you want custom interface actions - you need the Python basics. And this cut and paste coding to make little snippets for yourself is easy to do.