How to change face of 3d Rigged avatar


I have a 3d face (.obj) imported into blender 3.2 and 3d full body rigged avatar(walking mode) imported as .glb file.

I deleted the face of full body avatar and replaced with new face and tried to join to parent relation as shown below. the head is completely invisible.

Pls suggest how to replace head of Rigged fullbody avatar


I don’t think it’s invisible, It’s more than likely just jumped some place else. With the model selected in the explorer, if you press . on your numpad, it should take you to it.

If you’re adding a new element to a rig, you should always do it in the rigs default pose. You should also make sure that the localtion, rotation and scale of the new object is applied as closely aligned to the target rig as possible.

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Thanks @Magnavis for the support.

Still am stuck, tried by “.” option still not able to detect the head around. can u share some video on this pls…

The error message am getting was “Bone Heat weighting failed to find solution for one or more bones”

3d face attached (.obj)

I tried with the below approach, but its not working out

That error is normally a scale problem - usually if your character is real world size. An easy fix is to scale it up x10.

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I got the solution

Steps i Followed

  1. Import the Head(.obj) into blender and convert to Mesh
  2. Remove Bone Groups from each mesh and Select Mode as “Quaternion” (Object Mode
    ->under Transform ->Quaternion )
  3. Select the Rigged avatar(Armature + Meshes) and change to Rest Position.
  4. Select all meshes in Object Mode and go to Edit Mode press ‘M’ to merge all
  5. Ensure all mesh position are same position
  6. Select all meshes and finally select Armature then