How to change points to watts? (light)

So, i have a file that is saved from blender 2.79, and opened it on blender 2.81 (i never used 2.79, but had to save it with 2.79 because there’s some addons dont work on 2.81) and now the lights currency(?) changed to points. i want it on watts. How to change it?


I thought the value is still the same but displayed differently

is it? i kinda feel like i had to put large number to get it looks bright. meanwhile watts i simply put 10w and it’s bright already (not on this scene)

I always leave those at 1 power and fully white, and control everything with nodes, as I need color temperature, as well as maybe directionality for area lights or ies profiles for point/spot lights (using nodes).

what node for color temperature?


this one?
btw this doesnt work on eevee? o.O eevee still remain white…

Something like that, yes. Eevee doesn’t support nodes for lamps, at least not yet. Nor does Blender have Kelvin or Wavelength color picker modes. If you want to work with color temperatures with Eevee, consider using an image of temperatures to colorpick from.