How to change Select Circle radius in 2.8 w Industry Compatible Keymap?

How do I change the radius of Select Circle in 2.8 when using the default select tools from the left tool bar. I’m not talking about the old C shortcut where the wheel and +/- buttons worked but orbiting wasn’t possible due to it being a modal tool.

If there isn’t any assigned short cuts how do I make my own?

Edit: Ignore this post, it’s wrong.

Select Circle is still modal. While the operator is active you can change the select radius with the mouse wheel or numpad +/-. As with Select Box and Select Lasso the operator starts when you press the left (or right?) mouse button and ends when you release the button.

Still modal…? Man this is really frustrating, I use a wacom pen most of the time and changing size with the wheel… well it’s not feasible, and moving the hand from my Alt navigation all the way over the keyboard to +/- on the numpad and then again after navigating as the size is lost, is simply not going to happen.

Also when I’m actually using the mouse and press select and then scroll the well the new radius is not kept as I release the the mouse button. This is a super stupid implementation, I should be able to change the diameter by a short cut when the tool is active and the size should stay until I use the tool again, like a brush in Photoshop.

Although not ideal I found a work around that is to enable “3D Viewport > View > Tool Settings” and there I can at least manually change the size permanently.

Anyway thanks for replying.

You have enlightened me. This seems to show that the Select Circle tool isn’t modal after all.

Probably figured this out by now, but scroll with the mouse wheel while holding down LMB

I primarily use a Wacom pen so that is a problem.

Bumping this, because it still seems to be a problem.

You can adjust the circle radius WHILE holding down the LMB (dumb and awkward), but it doesn’t persist – what the hell use is that?

I just stumbled upon this and to sum it up. LMB and Mousewheel should work just fine for those using the mouse. But a new selection is just triggered after you move the mouse not solely by scrolling the mousewheel. For those using a wacom you can adjust the touchstrip or touchwheel to trigger numpad + or numpad - or “scroll”. Both methods will work.

For pen tablets, or mouse users, you can change the temporary circle select size when the mouse is pressed down with the “Add” and “Subtract” hotkeys, you can add these to the keymap if they are not there.

Unfortunately, there is no way to hotkey the Circle select size globally. You can, however, go to the “view3d.select_circle” commands and change the default radius value to suit your needs. These could be different for various modes, i.e. you can set a larger radius while holding ctrl+shift and a smaller radius for alt+shift, just create an additional keymap entry for the tool.