How to Change the Frame Rate


I have animate the camera following the street level in blender. When the camera turns in to the street corner the scene looks stuttering motion due to the lower frame rate (24 FPS). I want to change the entire animation to 48 FPS without scaling keyframes in manually. Is there any easy way to change the entire animation to 48 FPS?


Yes. You’ll have to re-render the animation.
But the animation will play for the same amount of seconds in real life.

See pic:

And just in case the pic can’t be found years later,
here’s the instructions typed out:

Multiply three numbers by * New FPS / Old FPS.
Where New FPS is the fps that you want.

You want to multiply these three numbers in Blender:

  • End Frame
  • FPS
  • the 2nd number under Time Remapping.

Re-render the animation and voila!
The animation will be smoother in your case.
(unless your computer’s too slow to play videos at a higher fps).

Note: this will make editing keyframes in action editor weird!
You’ll probably have to change the numbers back to the old numbers if you want to edit them again.

This also works for rendering an animation at a slower, choppier frame rate.
Also works in Blender 2.79