How to Change the Median?

Hello all.

I am new to blender, and I joined multiple objects into one object, Is there anyway to make those objects seperate again?

your help is appreciated.


Select the part of the mesh you want to separate and press P (all this in edit mode), then choose “Selected”.

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hmm…now that I’ve seperated the objects, each of the new object’s medians is the one of the joined object.

I dont wanna post this is a new thread, so I’ll ask it here.

How do you change the median of the object?


In the F9 window menu there’s a button which says “Centre new” and another one saying “Centre cursor”, first one places your ‘median’ in the middle of all the vertices, and the second option where you have your 3D-cursor (NOT your regular cursor).

If I were you I’d try looking around at places like this and maybe this. It’s a fast source of information. (though the site’s under some heavy traffic today due to the new 2.4 release)

thank you for the reply.

yes, since I am new to Blender, I have been reading the manual, and I’m about halfway, so there are some distinct shortcuts that I don’t know yet. As for the wiki link, I was there a while ago, too, but didnt have time to read it. I’ll check it out.

Ah, sorry for that then.