How to check if a blender file has a uv map

Always i am confused when i start texturing.
Image editor vs uv editor ?

how to check if a blender file has a uv map?

To see if it has a UV map at all, click the Object Data Properties icon (green triangle) and scroll down to UV Maps.

However, you may have a useless, improper UV map if you haven’t unwrapped (ex: if you start modeling from a cube, it likely HAD a UV map, but doesn’t follow your new topology correctly). Go to the UV editor, go to edit mode, and select your whole mesh. If the UV editor shows UVs that don’t suck, you’re good. If there’s a mess of vertices and polys, it still needs to be unwrapped properly.

Thanks awesome

Would be nice if i can see the uv image.

there is no such thing as uv image
those are separate things

there could be image in shader (material) that uses UV.

I think he means the layout.

Hi there,
If you Select All of an object in edit mode then go to a UV editor wondow, you will see the UV map, if you have one.
Under the UV tab, there is an Export UV layout option I believe. In theory it can be used to paint textures in an outside program, however, if you follow a regular modelling-texturing-maybe baking workflow, you will not need it.
Now if you mean baking (saving the unwrappred UV islands with the materials on it as PBR images - shortly to put) it is another story :slight_smile:

I just need the uv image which already must be made like you showed under the triangle symbol.
So i can use it in another program for example armorpaint or substance painter. I want to make more realistic textures for my excavator with rust and sand.

For a program like Armor Paint (or Substance Painter, Quixel Mixer, etc), you don’t need to export the uv layout as an image map, because you will paint directly on the model. You’d only need it to do texture work in a 2D image editor, but even photoshop can paint directly on the model these days (I’m not sure about GIMP though).

But, here’s how to get the UVs as an image: go to the UV Editor (there’s a workspace for it in 2.8 and above), make sure UV sync is off (see the blue circle), then go to UV > Export UV Layout

We need a UV map as shown in this tutorial for armorpaint

I now there is already a UV map but i cannot find it the would be nice if I could let it shown by clicking UVmap green triangle

When i export the file as obj after disabling the armature i still see the shape keys when opening the obj file in armorpaint? How to prevent, should i disable shape keys in blender .

Look like its working now.