How to choose texture channel for painting?

In Texture Paint mode, what determines the texture channel that gets painted? For example, to do texture splatting, I may have a stencil in Channel 4. How do I paint the texture in that channel by ‘brushing’ my mesh in the 3D viewport?

(I’ve been able to make this work somehow but not always. So I must be missing some key step.)

there are heaps of video tutorials that explain it

but basically
select the clone from one UV map (the leopard spots)
and the paint brush on the other

see image


Yes, I’ve seen the tutorial video. My question is what control makes the paint apply to the stencil channel and not the other two?

I don’t think your next paragraph is applicable. There is only one UV map. This is a question about the texture channels. If the video tutorial did anything with this panel, I missed it.

I did misunderstand you question

so you want to paint on your stencil map?

open a uv window open and the 3d view
change the image in the UV window while you are in edit mode for the object
then change to texture paint mode and paint away

Thank you. That seems to work for me.