How to clear cloth cache.

I’m setting up a rigid body tools simulation, with a cloth also in the scene. How do I clear the cloth cache so that each time I press play, the cloth reacts in realtime each time, without replaying the cache?

The only way I can currently get it to work is by editing some aspect of the cloth or cloth physics to force clear the cache.

Another way round would be to disable caching so that it does not record, or does not play back.

Have I explained myself enough?

Any ideas please?

Under ‘Cloth Cache’ press ‘free all Bakes’ or press spacebar and enter ‘free all physics baked’. Before you re-run the simulation you need to alter at least one setting (eg. the mass or the quality) in order to actually free-up the cache, but you can set it back to its original setting immediately. If the cache is freed up the blue line on the bottom of the timeline should disappear

to answer YOUR question… no unfortunately theres no tickbox or setting which lets you NOT use the cache, but luckily, as you already know, its pretty easy to just change a cloth setting and quickly change it back.

maybe this should be a feature as it wouldnt take too much to incorporate it,
(human-pc coding language)
IF the tickbox is ticked, AND the frame is 1 AND the cache has more than one frame… then, clear the softbody and cloth caches… I just wish i knew python :confused:

There shouldn’t be a need to ever clear cache manually ideally (unless you baked it).
In the case of mixing rigid bodies with other simulations there is still a limitation/bug so cache isn’t invalidated automatically.
It will improve in the future but as a workaround the simplest way to invalidate cache is to go in and back out of edit mode for the object in question.

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