How to colorize Eevee shadows?


in cycles, I can colorize an objects shadow by Mixing a diffuse and transparent shader with IsShadowRay as factor (like here

Doing the same in Eevee does nothing. How can I change the color of the shadow in Eevee?

Not possible…

Bummer… thanks.

Unfortunately availability of Light Path node in Eevee is quite limited. However you can use a trick with Shader to RGB node in material to get the effect you want (You can change color of diffuse shader/shadow):

Color ramps and other masking elements may change depending on your scene and setup.

Check this video:

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Thank you, working great!

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Unfortunately this only allows all shadows to be the same color. Is there a way for Eevee to have different shadow colors for different objects? (e.g. green monkey casts green shadow and red monkey casts red shadow)