How to combine 2 rougness inputs

So im trying to learn how to mix materials. Im mixing to seperate BSDF materials with a mix shader, and I am setting the mix with a image texture that I use as a mask. (in this case… the shape of a word).

The different BSDF shaders both have their own roughness map to give the material its depth.

But I would also like to add some height/bump to the edges of the mask, so that the shape of the word gets some height (so it looks like an extrude)…

Im not sure how to do this. Normally, i would connect a bump node to the mask image texture, and then to the normal input of the bsdf shader. But thats already occupied to set the bump of the bsdf material.

So how can I solve this?

Additionally, a quick question about the displacement node in this node tree… im not sure where to connect it to…

And secondly, in Nodewrangler… when you press ctrl shift click on a node, you get a preview. But how can you cancel this preview?

To Mix 2 textures there is the RGB Mix under color. Use it as any other texture. The displacement goes into material output. The colors of the slots give you a clue. ctrl shift click on Pricipled BSDF and you see the material. There is no cancel.

Your mask looks very sharp. There is no way to use a sharp transition well as a bump map. You need to blur it out some. Here I’m using a noise that already gives me a gradient. I didn’t test if displacement (bump) works with normal maps, but works with different bump nodes plugged into shader normals.

I didn’t have time to setup something more proper, this was just a 2min thing during lunch.

Hi @MarioPeper, thank you again for your reply… I think I combined the two texture as you suggested…
can you confirm that this is the right way? Should the mixrgb be set to ‘mix’?

And secondly…i have connected the displacement node to the displacement input on the Material output node…but nothing happens Im in Eevee on 2.82… Is there a setting I need to turn on in the programme? I tried it on a basic cube and same thing…I see no difference…

With Nodes there is not really a right way.As previously heard, the colors of the slots give you a hint: yellow in yellow, violet in violet, green in green, gray in gray. This is not a requirement, but as a beginner you should stick to it first. ;-). With displacement it is a little more complicated, maybe you mean the displacement modifier. In cycles you can also do magic with it, but I think you should postpone it until later. Here is a simplified setup.