How to combine all NLA actions into ONE animation?

Hi all,

I’m currently teaching myself Blender and Animating in Blender and really loving it so far!
At the moment, I am trying to combine all of my NLA actions into one big animation to export it and later use it in Unity.

I’ve been using the NLA Editor to put different parts of the final animation (a walkcycle) on different tracks in order to be able to tweak things easily.

Now, I’m looking for a way to combine/bake all these actions into one action but unfortunately I have not been able to do so. If I export the animation as it is now, I end up with this:

Which basically means that Unity interprets all actions as separate animations - which I can’t work with.

If someone knows of a way to somehow combine all NLA actions into a single action or (even better) a way to export a .fbx with all containing actions already combined, please share, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Is there any way to bake your animation? I am new to Blender (coming from SI), but… I’d guess you could bake all your SRT’s to a single clip no?

Sorry for being completely utterly useless in helping you out, hope you find it. :wink:

Well, this is kind of embarassing - after experimenting a bit more with the ‘Bake Action’-Operation, I got it to work. Turns out selecting the NLA Tracks wasn’t enough - you also have to select the corresponding Armature object (maybe you don’t even have to select the NLA Tracks at all?) and THEN bake. Anyway, works like a charm now!

While I was at it, I also took a better look at the settings of the .fbx-exporter - apparently, the ‘Include Default Take’ option merges all actions and animation data in the scene into an animation called “Default Take” during the export. Even works with IK!


Faced the same problem and thank you - managed to fix it)