How to combine all of these disconnected faces into one mesh?

So I’m having trouble with these lego piece models that I’m trying to edit and reshape. It seems like a lot of the faces are disconnected from each other, not making it a solid mesh which has made it extremely hard to do anything with. Here’s a couple images, one of the normal mesh, and one where I just smoothed the vertices so you can get a good idea on what faces are connected to one another and what ones aren’t. Does anyone know a simple way of combining all of these into a solid mesh? Or at least get me to a good point to where I can have a solid mesh I can fix any small issues that come from doing it.

Hi, and welcome to the BA community,
Try this select all the vertices in xray mode go to; edit mode>mesh>clean-up>merge by distance.

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There seems to be a problem while importing files. :thinking:
Check it out in Edit mode.
If the edges are really gone, you need to connect them yourself. (Some can be cleaned up with the cleanup function)

I hope the left one is the already imported file before smoothing. If yes, then do a merge by dst as @digitvisions stated. Distance 0 should be enough if the vertices lie really on top of each other.
Also do a “tris to quads” afterwards so that you get the quad mesh restored better.
Mark the sharp angled edges as that and then add a subdiv modifier.

Good luck.