How to connect UV coordinates automaticaly?

So I have a problem with good UV mapping.
At complex model I have all smooth adges and some sharp adges.
After applyng EdgeSplit modificator my UV map is almost difficalt (I understand, that this EdgeSplit modificator add more vertex at the shurp edges - it uses as “mark seam”). Here is the simple object - eaven at it the UV picture is broken - you may imagine what happens at the complex model with about 2-3k poligons and more. I whant that this 2 peases at UV mapp will be joined (I can do it by hand but this is not the exit).
So any suggesttions or maybe method for good UV mapping.



Don’t apply the EdgeSplit modifier. Leave it as a modifier. You should remove doubles, then add a new EdgeSplit modifier (and don’t apply it).

thanks, it should work.
so, the method is - first make seam as I want, then mark sharp where it needed, then apply modifer?
I’m a little at trouble with mark sharp after make seam - edges the same red dotted color( and I don’t remember what I marked and what not(
any suggests for helping?


It doesn’t matter which order you mark edges as seams or sharp. Remember not to apply the EdgeSplit modifier - just leave it in the modifier stack.

You can change the colours used for the different edge types so they are not so similar. Looks like you’re using 2.5, so go to File>User Preferences>Themes>3D view and change the Edge Seam colour. That should help.