How to connect verices into edges?


Is there any method how you could connect verices in to edges (make a veritice in that edge in the same place so I could connect them and make a face…) I hope this question makes some sense so You can understand it hehe. If it dosen’t feel free to ask so I can try to explain it to You better.

Stop talking in riddles and clearly annotate the image. You have highlighted a vertex and an edge but not shown what you want to do with them!

You can select edge and W / subdivide to split the edge and make another vertex
You can use the knife tool (K) to cut from the vertex to the edge to make a new vertex on the edge. Use C to constrain to an axis
Experiment with some of the basic modelling tools

“Stop talking in riddles and clearly annotate the image.” That’s kinda rude to say to a person who dosen’t speak english as their native language! I’m trying my best to explain my problems and you just have to deal with the bad english that I speak/write!

Anyway I didn’t know that I could make vertices with the knife tool… I thought you can only use it to cut faces hehe.

If you select 2 vertices and hit F you get edge in between; if you select 3 vertices and hit F you get triangle face… n vertices would give n-gon.
This extends to edges, same F key. Not to the faces. If you want to connect faces use W -> Bridge or Space search “Hull”, Convex Hull.