How to continuously play a flipper action? SOLVED

Hi guys! Just that:

Suppose i have an action with 11 frames. I wanna play this action from frame 1 to frame 11 and then go back to to frame 1 but… That continuously! (I mean: no end). Does anybody knows how to do that?

Thank you!

You’re looking for ping pong, not flipper. I think they may have taken that out though, in which case my best suggestion is to have a delay sensor activate the action actuator for 10 frames, then wait 10 frames, then activate again, and so on. (remember, if you have the framerate set to less than 60 in the global settings you’ll have to account for that in the delay sensor)

Yep, I’m afraid so! :wink:

Yes, that works thanks Cap! I did it with delay rep on and blendin action 5 frames.