How to control a lattice

I made a drop of water which is falling into a bottle. I used a lattice for that. Now when i take the same water drop i used for falling and move it around to somewhere else, it is still affected by the lattice… Btw the waterdrop is parented to the lattice…

How can i control the waterdrop in a way that is is affected by the lattice at the moment that I want it to be affected?

Thanx, Twan :smiley:

first of parent the lattice to the mesh then deform the lattice when you want to deformt the mesh and then move the lattice when you want to move the mesh. hope that helps! :wink:

what you are saying is that i have to parent the otherway around, that is the lattice to the mesh… gonna give it a try…

thanx a lot,

actually, it’s more complicated than that. i figured out a way a moment ago but now i’ve forgotten,…it’s ok, i will remember again,…just give me a moment.
<edit> ok this is the thing,…you have to make an empty, parent the lattice to the empty, use the empty to control general movement, and set RVK’s ( relative vertex keys ) to control the lattice distortion. there is no way that i know of to actually keyframe the influence of the lattice, so it must stay with the object. someone else may know a different way though.
<edit> actually the empty isn’t necessary, i guess the only important thing, is you need to learn how to animate the vertex of the lattice. for that, there is a good tutorial at the blender char site, which is listed at the top of the animation forum in a sticky thread.

Thanx!!! it works!!!