how to control empty by force field?

i hooked an empty to a nurbs path.
if i move the empty the nurbs dot moves.

now i want the empty to be affected by a force field (boids) is that possible ??

As far as I know, Boids force fields affect only boid particles. The field strength determines whether you’re setting the force field object as a Goal or as a Predator.

In general force fields affect only particles, softbodies, cloth, and rigid bodies, but not naked Empties. Am I understanding your question correctly?

Okay yes you understood it correctly
would be nice since we can do so much with empties (hooks etc).

I can make the equivalent forces in bge,
then you click record, and play the game, which runs the sim.

for instance this was some math I made up to make a vortex.

It is possible to use Goal Force Field to motivate objects other than Boid particles. See