How to control more than one obj, shape keys

Hi, I have a newbie question. I have a face, with an eyebrow that I can rotate with a shape key slider. I would like to move one slider and cause both eyebrows and mouth to move.
Are shape keys the right approach ? If you could point me in the right direction I can do the research. Thanks.

An oldish demo file by slikdigit. From the Scene menu in the top header select “Scene” then in the rectangular boxes select with RMB the little circles at the end of the dotted lines and use G to move them up and down, left and right. Each one controls shape keys for whatever the box is labled as. Select the ManCandy Mesh and you’ll see them all listed in the Action Editor.

In the Scripts Window under Animation is a Shape Widget Wizard for creating those controller boxes.


Awesome Thanks!

I discovered that I can simultaneously control points on a mesh and two armatures all with a controlling armature, used as a driver. With the mesh points, I add the armature as a shape key driver (and add insert a 1:1 ipo curve). With the controlled armatures, I add the controlling armature as a Constraint.

The light bulb is coming on.