How to convert a NURBS Curve to BEZIER in 2.7???

I desperately need to convert NURBS curves into BEZIERs.

The “Set Spline Type”-Button described in the 2.6 manual is missing in 2.7.

And when I try to select my NURBS-curve, then invoke bpy.ops.curve.spline_type_set(type=‘BEZIER’) from the console, I get the error:

RuntimeError: Operator bpy.ops.curve.spline_type_set.poll() failed, context is incorrect

Why?? How can I convert it in 2.7??

Thanks for any help!!

the button / operator is there, you just need to be in edit mode…
see that conversion is not too smart though -may need to increase points number-

For a NURBS-curve no button is there (in 2.7).

But I found a way to convert the Nurbs curve to Bezier anyway:

  1. Convert nurbs to mesh (select Nurbs curve, then press Alt C)
  2. Now, convert the mesh back into a curve (Alt C again)
  3. Then in edit mode I can press “Curve tools - Curve: - Set Spline Type - Bezier

Hi Chrissie

thanks for the pointer that you can convert a curve type with the toobar options in edit mode.
I totally forgot that.

I use this type a lot when making paths for stitches based on the polygon loop cuts I copied out and converted to curves.