How to Convert a Transparent texture to Metallic Material?

Hi guys. I’m trying to create a Cloth that has a Foil Material on the design.

I started with a Diffuse for the Base color, and then an Image Texture for the Logo (or letterings).

How do I make the Letterings into something Metallic like a reflective gold?

I thought of the easier way-making a separate mesh for the lettering and just apply a gold material to it. But, is there another way where i can just make the Image Texture into Gold in the UV Node Editor?

Yeah - just use the image’s alpha - plug it into your Principled’s metalic shader, or use it to mix between 2 shaders using a mix shader.

can you show me please-the node set up? 'coz i’m confused in doing it? i can’t make it

Is the Image Texture in your node serving as a Mask?

It’s alpha layer is - yes.

I advise working out how a mix node works. It opens up all kinds of possibilities. And the MixRGB node works in a similar way.