How to convert any scene into a realtime set of texture maps

Here’s a neat way to create a material (which works in real time as well) which shows as a normal map and can be turned into a very nice decorated porcelain design or something. Anyway, the node setup for the material is like this:

In case you’re wondering, both mix nodes are using a grey shade of exactly 0.5 value.

The result on suzzanne looks like this:

Now set the world color (background color, or Horizon color) to this:
HoR = 0.5
HoG = 0.5
HoB = 1

and save the render somewhere.

If your scene had lots of materials in it, you don’t have to replace them;

That makes the scene render all objects with that material, and you can just as easily delete the text in that field to reset it.

And for the color:

Activate col, and after that, turn on do composite and in the composite node editor, simply replace the connection between image and image with

You then get a shadeless render.
Save that render (without having moved any objects or the camera) as well.

Here’s what it looks like on a plane in GLSL mode (it’s a different scene):

This is realtime, and the shading is not baked, as you’ll see with the following maps, the color map is completely shadeless.

The files I used:

Normal map:

Alpha map (easy to make, just replace all materials in the scene with a shadeless white one with the same method as the normal map material and make the background black):

and color map:

You can do this with any scene, and use the generated maps as you wish as you wish…

Wow, that looks really cool, I can’t think of any uses for it at the moment, but I’m sure it can be useful for something.

it looks nice, but could you explain the differences with the normal bake ? (faster, scriptable process ?)

It can be done with a whole scene if you enter that material in the renderlayers to make all objects use it. Then you can turn a bunch of objects into a bas relief on a wall or something.

oh I got it. ctrl+B thanks.

the same thing works as composite-nodes too
here a link to german forum

Or use it for “Clay Rendering” with renderers like Pov-Ray (I’ll try it as soon as I go offline) - which otherwise don’t support Clay Rendering.
Thanks! :smiley:

for the normalmap you can use the composite-nodes
so you can render all maps at one time
view the german blender-forum :slight_smile:

the normalmap is right for postprocessing in after effects