How to convert object coordinates so textures move probably when deformed by an armature?

I am using object texture coordinates to procedurally texture a character mesh. The issue I discovered is that as soon as you pose the mesh with it’s armature any texture using object coordinate doesn’t follow or deform with the mesh. Is there any way to convert the object coordinates after the fact so that the textures follow these deformations, while maintaining the look of object coordinates? I don’t want to have to use generated coordinates, to many distortion artifacts.

The easiest way is baking out material to textures.

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Partially why I am attempting to procedurally texture it this way is because the UVs are mirrored, and I am wanting to avoid repeating patterns.

Then make a new, unmirrored UV map.

But any distortion artifacts that you’re getting from generated coords are going to show up in UV too-- are going to show up in any coordinates that respect the deformation of your character. So your best bet is to figure out why that’s happening (like, weights) and address it.