How to Copy Curve Geometry ?

I have a lot of curve objects and I need to setup same geometry to all of them?
Like here

How can I do that?

Thanks for help

can you simply copy the first curve then it will have same spec then the first one i guess!

or may need to make a script
can you give more detaisl

Do you mean Shift+D?
I don’t need to copy curve object, but geometry from one to seventy other objects.
(Things like bevel and other setup from signed geometry panel.)

try with bottom menu Mesh then select copy atrributes and select like bevel or other attributes

this should copy things from one object to others!

a simple script like this can set values for lots of objects, try it on a selection…
see you can copy the data path of the properties with right click to add some more stuff here

import bpy
for obj in bpy.context.selected_objects:
    if obj.type == 'CURVE': = -0.008 = 0.007 = 0.008 = 2

Ricky if you are refering to ‘copy attributes’ addon I don’t think it will work here

Ha haaaa :slight_smile: thanks man, it helps me very much !!!

Looks like easy step. Why blender has no this copy option? I’m sure I’m not the only one who need it.
It’s too painful to do this manually (definitely if after one hour me or client decide to change some parameter for all objects).

Also Copy Modifiers is not working (or it doesn’t work in a way I’m expecting).

@RickyBlender: thanks for effort, but I’m asking for a Curve, not for a Mesh
(btw. first - mesh menu appears only in edit mode and I need this operation in object mode, second - there is not any copy attribution too, under search (space key) is not anything to copy that can helps . . .)

there is not any copy attribution too, under search (space key)
He refers to the copy attribute ADDON. This would need to be enabled before it becomes available. This will allow you to copy only a limied number of things. What you want to copy may not be one of them, but no harm looking.

there is not any copy attribution too, under search (space key)
He refers to the copy attribute ADDON. This would need to be enabled before it becomes available. This will allow you to copy only a limied number of things. What you want to copy may not be one of them, but no harm looking.

ok in 2.5 need this special addon for this

but i was also refering to the 2.49 Menu but i guess we should now stick with 2.5!
i tough this was ported to 2.5 but seems it has not been!

the little sript is nice and simple

there’s the Object Property Chart addon, not very intuitive but it can easily do what you need: edit the data path in the field to something like ‘data.offset’, change value and press the PASTE icon… and so with other properties

@Richard:yep addon, thank you for info
@Ricky: copy atribution has very limited options (loc, scale, rot, . . .)

@liero: Object Property Chart addon looks promising :slight_smile: Thank you twice.
I will need to test it a bit to come friendly, but looks like I wanted.
(wiki and Colin helped me to understand better)

addon is awsome !!! :slight_smile:
For my future needs addon looks better (If I will be able to understand a commands, I don’t have to ask for help).

Cannot find this in the addon list for 2.79. Any help? I, too, want to copy bezier curves during edit mode.

If I type “Property” its there … its packed with blender.
I could also see script file in blender.
Here is a copy, but if instal it, it will be marked as double.
Activated script is in property (N) panel in 3Dview. (8.9 KB)

Now I see … you can also copy specific parameter to all selected, with right click on parameter and from menu choose “Copy to selected” (without script).

I already have that file in my Blender addon directory. But clicking Install addon from file just switches back and forth between two modal dialog boxes! There is no way to actually install any addon that I can find!
(Note: 2.8 won’t run at all on Windows 10)

Now I’m confused more than before. You wrote …

Than you wrote …

What “List” do you mean?

Anyway this addon comes with blender it self so just activate it.
There is no need to install the addon.
If you have any other issue with the script (or if you wrote any script to install) try support section, sorry.

Show it works for me …

“Copy to Selected” option …

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I’ll ask my question again in greater detail. If I don’t need an addon, that is great since addons apparently can’t be added in 2.79 on Windows 10, and one can’t even tell if an addon is already installed or not (without finding the Blender addon directory), or is activated or not. Blender is opaque to all but experts (see below for my opinion caveat).

I am following video tutorial . I have imported my logo, generated using either Inkscape or OpenOffice Draw (can’t remember which because I’ve tried so many things recently).

Next, I’m using Edit Mode in either 2d or 3d (there is no indication of which), top view orthogonal (top view User doesn’t work). I’ve zoomed the view so I can see the edges of the text character in detail.

I’ve created a Bezier curve, which comes with control handles that are way too long for this zoomed view. I’ve figured out a clumsy way, using right and then left mouse buttons, to shorten all four control handles for a given vertex.

I’ve used Ctrl+N to extend the curve with more vertexes around one of the characters, matching the curve to the character in the background. It is difficult to do because the curve is drawn thin and in black and the character is black. (I have asked in another forum about how to change color and thickness, since it isn’t obvious, and have received no answer as yet, except one comment that just said to look in User Preferences, which is obvious but unhelpful as there seem to be hundreds of preferences. I’m a beginner, not stupid.)

But I messed up in two of the vertexes and had to delete them (key “x”). Now I have to redraw these two vertexes and then use Alt+C to close the curve. To redraw the vertexes, I need to copy an existing vertex, so I can get short control arms that are usable. But Ctrl+C fails to copy, or Ctrl+V fails to paste, so copying a vertex is a mystery at present.

Please give me instructions for copying a vertex (curve segment) so I can continue making painful progress with what should be an intuitive and easy task in Blender.

All criticisms of Blender above are just my opinions, not necessarily fact.

I sent you PM (private message).

Sorry, this is the only message I have received: “I sent you PM (private message).”

I probably have not enabled PMs or don’t see where they are, sorry.

I think my addon problem was due to the fact that the addons I wanted were already installed and enabled. I just couldn’t find any instructions on using them, so I thought they were uninstalled.