How to copy emitted particles

Hello, so I made a particle system and I would like to copy the particles from the final frame to a new project. is there a way to copy just the particles rather than the whole system? I would like to be able to move the particles one pasted.
Thank you

Hi there,
Are we talking about the old “hair” kinda particle system modifier thingie?
In that case, AFAIK, you can only copy the base object, and paste it. It will drag the emittted objects with it, along with the particle systems as well. Since every object isnunique, so is the scattering, there is no other was according to my knowledge. Another solution is to apply the particles as mesh, but then you will end up with an insane amount of objects, so that seems like an unreasonable solution.

Also, I may have misunderstood you, if that is so, please let me know :blush:


Hey agent,
thank you for your response. theres only 50 particles. Id just like to be able to move all of them individually. would apllying the particles as mesh work for this?

You can Go to the modifier Tab with the Emitter Object Selected, and under the Particle System Modifier use “Convert”.

Then you’ll have a Mesh with all particles in it. Next, Tab into edit mode on the newly generated mesh (careful what you select, the particle system is still there), and then select all (A) and the press (P) to seperate and choose “by loose parts”.

Given your particles are not themselves made up of multiple loose parts, you should now have all individual particles as individual Meshes, that you can freely move.

If your particles ARE made up of multiple “loose parts”, either join the “mother” particle together beforehand, and if that’s not an option, just enable x-ray mode (alt-z) in edit mode, and circle select (C) the Particles, and move them inside edit mode.

Hope this helps.

Btw, you can append the emitter object and the particle object into another scene, and it should work fine?

File->Append->navigate to blend file with particle system and select (while holding Shift) both the emitter object and the distributed particle base mesh.