How to copy vertex order

Hello everyone!

I was wondering how to copy vertex order from one mesh to another, both mesh have the same amount of vertices, but vertex order does not match, so I cant copy vertex groups properly!

I have found an old add-on that does just that, but its not working in latest Blender!

Thanks for any help!

In that case, use the add-on in a Blender version that does support the add-on, save the file and continue to work on it in the latest Blender version.

Previous blender versions.

Thanks for the reply, but I was hoping not having to resort to this sort of workaround, I’ll dl 2.65a, but surely there is a way with newer version!

Well, If you like playing with scripts then you’ll like this. It allows you to sort vertex indices as you want.
Another way would be to use sort elements and choose which option suits best your needs in order to sort them the same way on both objects. You can access “sort elements” in ‘Mesh’ --> ‘Sort Elements…’, another way would be ‘W’ —> ‘Sort Mesh Elements…’ and the third and last way known to me would be ‘Space’ ----> type in ‘Sort Mesh Elements’ and press enter or LMB.

The problem with this is that you haven’t shown your objects that need to have exact same vert order. And you didn’t specify the reason why.

That link goes to a Photobucket image, MediumSolid. 'sup?

Yep, thanks for notifying me of that, chipmasque. I’ve fixed it, now it redirects you to a correct page.

Maaaan, I was switching from pages and threads, copying links back and forth so guess I just made a simple mistake. Good thing you’ve noticed, thanks man.

It’s all good now, again. I know I repeat stuff a lot in mine posts, no need to tell me that.