How to correctly scale a Gradient in Blender?

Hello Blenders !

So I used the shading tab and followed several tutorials to grasp the basics of this tool and how to implement gradients.

I feel like I’m pretty close to my goal.
I put in the gradient parameters and think I got the whole nod thing pretty correct. (which is far being sure)

I still can’t see a gradient appear, its whether one color or the other.
Therefore I tend to think that I got the scales wrong (the object might be too big or small)

As I can not upload attachment here is a link to it !

My goal is to get this gradient on my object :

Any help would be greatly appreciated, whetehr an explanation or just a hint !

Thank you so much in advance !
Blender is by far the most challenging software I came across :slight_smile:

You had the objects rotated at an odd angle so your Coordinates were a bit messed up…
I changed things up a bit …also if you have colors that are very similar you won’t be able to see the gradient…

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Thank you very much for your answer RSZhlers !

So I see you actually didn’t use the sames nodes as I did :

  • Instead of “Separate XYZ” you used the “Combine XYZ”.
  • Instead of linking “Generated”, you linked “Object” to “Vector”.

I do not understand why but implemented it and after toggling a bit the scales, I managed to see my first gradient appear, GREAT SUCCESS !

I am currently trying to play around with the “Location” and the ColorRamp nod, wish me luck !

Thank you again very much for taking the time to help a rookie !
(I will without a doubt come back to post my progress !

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