How to create a Cirlce on the side of a tube?

11142004 0934 GMT-6

I am working on learning Blender and Im really getting into the tutorials. However, I am trying to play a bit and require some help.

I have a cylinder and I need to cut a hole in the side, like a “T” pipe. How would I go about doing this?


Welcome to Blender and Elysiun!

I wouldn’t use a cylinder. I just tried it out now.

  1. Add a cube and turn subsurf on to about 3. Scale it along the Z-Axis to make it longer.

  2. Extrude it a little bit more on the top to allow for the “arms” of the T.

  3. Extrude the arms.

  4. Delete the faces where the openings will be.

  5. Use the edge sharpness tool (Shift+E) to make the edges, well, sharper.

  6. Set smooth and recalculate normals (Ctrl+N).

Hope this helps!


i would do it by making a C shaped cut with the knife tool, and then using the ‘to sphere’ tool to straighten it out, combined with some manual tweaking, then extrude out the other segment. you can the use the knife tool again, to make the outcropping end of the pipe nice and straight again.

11142004 1107 GMT-6

Thanks Modron. Question. Let me describe this: I have a machine piece - it looks like a donut. From the inner circle (the hole) I need a tube that runs to the outter circle (the exterior of the donut). Will this method work with that?


It should.

Boolean difference (w-key) between donut and tube seems to work. Check order of selection if result looks wrong.

11162004 0612 GMT-6

Wooooo guys. Hold up a bit here.

Im a MASSIVE BEGINNER on Blender. I just learned to move objects about last week. Im still trying to work on the tutorials on the blender site. Even some of those beginner ones are difficult.

Though thanks a lot for your answers, Im still trying to figure out how to do the first one and what some of the others actually mean.


and then using the ‘to sphere’ tool to straighten it out,

What is the ‘to sphere’ tool and where can I find it? Thanks.

11302004 1358 GMT-6

If your cursor is on the screen, click the space bar and choose mesh. There is a sphere in there. There isnt ( to my knowledge which is highly limited) a ‘to sphere’ thereby making something into a sphere.


Still confused on the ‘to sphere’ tool, but I tried Laurifer’s method with using a cube and subdividing it. All I can say is WOW! I wish I knew about this when I was modeling a complex system of pipes that bend, twist, and intersect. I did the model in Wings 3D and followed this method.

The subdivided cube method seems so simple and elegant. Thank you Laurifer! Maybe I will go back and redo the geometry with this method and see how long it takes me.

“To Sphere” is in the Mesh tab in edit buttons. It will move all selected verts (not edges or faces) into a spherical arrangement arround the cursor to the percentage you choose.