How to create a Contour Model in Blender?

Topo means Topography, apology for not being clear.

The lines are Survey lines we get from Topography surveyors, these lines help to create 3d land model accordingly. There might be an addon or some sort of trick/procedure to process these lines and create a 3d land model out of it.

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you could also ask question in python forum!

but here are some links

Landscape from countour maps

You need to get hold of Terragen - popular in gaming circles and as far as I know, completely free.

let us if you find some new scripts !

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Thanks, let me read these and get back.

This is somewhat close to what I was looking for but with this add-on import the .XML file not CAD file.

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I think here is the Add-on for me. Do you know any similar (less cost) version which can do the job?

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how many curves do you have ?
if only a few do it manualy with the Bridge tool

if not then i guess faster to go with the paid addon

you could try to find a way to export CAD to XML may be !

or redo the countours with inkscape soft addon

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Hi Ricky,

Thanks for your time.
If paid addon is the only solution then I will go for it.
The size of the contour is not very big it is around 70 to 100 feet wide, I will try some more options, will update here If I find something really useful.

I used to use the point cloud skinner addon:

It was a few years back now. Import the survey points into blender as dwg probably then run the addon which produced a nice 3D surface.

The addon seems not to be maintained anymore … probably works with 2.79, but not 2.80 - look into it

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This is Interesting… Let me check it out.

what do you have to start with is it only lines in CAD ?
and you cannot export it as OBJ or some compatible blender’s format?

also how many lines do you have ?
show some pic of the overall dwg of what you got

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Here’s another addon that might work for you
If your contours are drawn as curves as in your first post, this addon will create a lofted surface between the curves. It works in 2.79 but not in 2.80. I tried it with 5 beziers, works flawlessly. Once created you can open the blend file in 2.80 if you need.
Hope it works for you

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Yes, I have lines in CAD format, this is a typical process of making contours in 3D, Survey drawings are common.

Why exporting it to something else if we have lines in curves?

I shown a picture in the first post.

Thank you so much for this, let me check this out in 2.79 and post the result here.

I notice that the created surface is independent of the curves … so once the surface is created it does not change if you edit the beziers … no surprise I guess !

if you only have a few lines I mean might be faster to simply redo it blender!

for exporting I don’t think curve in CAD are compatible with Blender’s curves
so need to convert to mesh first or save as OBJ
then it will be imported in blender as mesh lines
then if you need you could convert to blender’s curves.

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CAD curves are completely compatible with Blender, we can import those in DXF format.

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Loft from Curve Tools addon also works in Blender 2.80+.

Check out the BSurface addon. He makes a surface from curves.


So many options… Thanks for sharing this.

Followed the same steps but getting this error: -

Update the addon to the latest version.
In the header of this forum thread there is where you can download it:

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