How to create a curve between two points in geometry nodes?

Hi everyone!

I am trying to figure out how to create connecting curves (the red lines in the image below) between a point and its nearby neighbors.

The hexagonal objects are instanced via simple geometry node setup. They distributed based on a vertex map of a sphere object. See below for its node graph.

I was going to create the curves based on Erindale’s bridge video where he creates a parabola based on two end points (empties).

Erindale setup

The main trouble I have is how do I define the other end point from the points generated by the geometry nodes? As things are happening on a per point basis, is there are a way to access another point. Or should I be thinking about this problem differently. I hope my question is clear.

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Based on my limited experience, put in a ‘create a curve with points’ node. Put those points in a list and feed that into a the curve with points node.

Lists are helpful here. As I am learning… Create curve stuff is a LOT of fun.

Is that in 3.0? Been using the 2.93 LTS version, guess its time to download and play around with it. I’ll give it a look. Thanks.

The first part of this Blender tutorial shows you exactly how to do that.

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Not sure if you are still interested, but have a look here:

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Have you figured it out?

There are may ways to do this, depending on your use case.
If you want to use empties to control the position (like the OP’s second screen shot), you can do this for a bezier curve.

It can be a little tricky to set the handles of the bezier curves so you could also do this and use 3 empties (or more) to control the curve (which is more intuitive).

You do not have to use empties you just need a position vector of some sort, it could be the position of an object or even a simple combine xyz node.

Here a very simple one. No empties.

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More general solution for any amount of empties here:


That’s a good one!


Thanks you two! I want to have two objects in the geonodes with the object info and geonodes will make an arc between them to connect them. Like points on a world map and they get connected. Its quite a popular effect. Spend the day figuring it out but i think with the help i can do it.

Connection can be animated that will need the trim curve node.

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The solution in this thread may also be of interest as it also solves the original request:

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Ah thanks! Still a beginner in geonodes.
Can i drive the animation with a trim curve node and proximity so it starts at one point?
Probably and i will test that now =D

A slightly more complex version of creating a curve between two empties, where the rotation and scale of the empties controls the direction and length of the bezier handles:

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