How to create a Kuwahara (painterly look) or similar in the compositor?

I’m trying to get an effect like this:

I really want to be able to do it in the compositor for various reasons, a couple of them being that I want to be able to apply it to animation and I want to be able to integrate it with other effects directly in Blender that I can’t really do in another program. I’ve been messing with distortion but I really can’t achieve the effect I’m looking for. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!

Some more details would be helpful. Can you post an example of an image you want to process? Also, I assume you want to emulate the effect of “cells” in the image, like those of the voronoi texture (if I remember correctly)?

I really want to be able to recreate to effect with a node setup or something so I can apply it to any of my renders, so I can’t really provide an example.

Here’s an image showing a before an after, if it helps:

And another:

Make it in Gimp with G’MIC.
You can load an Image Sequence as Layers.
In G’MIC you can batch the Layers with the Effect. (see bottom right in the Picture)

I appreciate the advice, but I know about G’MIC and I’m trying to find a way to achieve the same effect in the Blender compositor. Thanks anyway! :smile: