How to create a simple hole for a window in a solid wall?


As an architect coming from Sketchup, I need some help.
I simply just can’t figure out how to create a simple hole for a window in a solid wall in Blender.

I just tried the new extrude function in Blender 2.9 alpha, and hoped it was as simple to use as Sketchups push / pull function. But it seems not to be the case - but I might have overlooked something.

Can anyone link to a simple tutorial that shows how its done?


You just have to use a boolean modifier on the object you want the hole in and in the modifier mark the objeckt wich you want the hole to look like

Thanks loooops.


The boolean method is really quick, but it can leave odd geometry:

This way is a little longer, but gives a lot of control and leaves nicer mesh:
add loop cuts (2 at a time) to your wall,

then face select and delete the faces where you want the window (use Alt-Z to go transparent so you can select both sides quicker),

then select an edge on each side with Alt-LMB to loop select the edges

and then bridge edge loops.

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Cool - thanks Scott

There’s an addon that allows you to do destructive extrude in 2.8: