How to create a Underwater Scene in Blender and help out #TeamSeas

Hey BA!

I’m back with another video. This time it’s all about creating the saddest underwater scene ever made in Blender, as I want to use my platform to help out our environment. It showcases the current living conditions of the endangered Sea Turtles, which inhabit our oceans and I’ll show you how to set-up a animation, loop animation tracks, create great looking underwater lighting and volumetrics and add in several particle systems to create all the trash. This tutorial also comes with a premade basefile, to help you get started.

Please consider sharing this video with your friends and watch it till the end, as I will be donating ALL adrevenue I make from this video to TeamSeas. I hope I will be able to give a lot, but that’s all up to you!

Enjoy the video, I hope it contains some useful topics again and thanks for watching. See you in the next one!


Jesse - Kaizen Tutorials