How to create an viscosity "kitchen oil" look in Blender?

Hey guys, does anybody knows how to set up a nice looking “kitchen oil” look in blender?
I’m trying to get a viscosity fluid look, but it looks really bad.

This is what I got so far:

I’m trying to reach something like this:

Fluids in Blender always drives me crazy.

You don’t have a good container material, that’s the biggest issue. Fresnel is off, lighting is poor. Tone mapping/color management is probably off too. If you have any thickness to the container, it’s invisible because of that.

The main thing with viscosity is not the material, it’s the mesh. Cut off the top of your reference, where you can see the meniscus of the oil, and you won’t be able to tell how viscous it is.


Good point. Oil and yellow liquid (like pineapple juice)… you can’t see a difference in a volumed container like that. The unique visual properties of oil are visible floating on top of water, or smeared across a surface, but oil and water do not have a significantly different IOR, level of translucency, or anything else obvious at first glance.