How to create New Render Layer to next scene?

hi all
i have Two scenes on one .blend file
named Scene and Scene.001
and active scene is “Scene”

i have found this script
but it can only create render layer on active scene(“Scene”)

so, here’s my question
how can i create render layer to Scene.001 in currenct scene(“Scene”)?

I don’t think there is a (good) way to change the active scene via python; I’ve fought with that a lot myself. Someone please prove me wrong.
What are you trying to do with the render layer?

Not sure if this is what your after, but you used to be able to chain scenes together and render them all at once… So, looking on ‘Scene’ tab in the ‘Scene’ panel there is a ‘Background’ field. If you have other scenes then they are available here and are rendered too.