How to create realistic plants

I need some plants in my scene, but I can not afford paid plants online.How can I create plants by myself?
thank you

This is a really broad request. Best thing to do is hit up google, type in something like “make plants in Blender”, and browse through the articles and Youtube videos.

Provided you’re already fairly comfortable with Blender, here’s a good one to start off with.

thank you.

There are many kinds of plants, some where the leaves are modelled in 3D, like an object or, others where there is a transparent texture, with a leaf on it and, put on a 2D plane and, added to a stem or, so - -

There are many techniques for making plants, going from simple and, ’ low - poly ’ to photorealistic so, it’s not easy to just say how, my advice, look for ’ 3D plants ’ online and, when you find the style or, detail you want, look for tutorials or, ask here . . Plants are both devilishly simple but, also incredibly detailed, when you ’ zoom ’ in, on them . . Good luck and, remember a ’ low - poly ’ plant can be just as convincing, people will recognize it no matter what, but it depends on the rest of the project, how ’ Realistic ’ it is .

thank you for your suggestions.