How to create realistic powder for a still

Hi guys, im doing this packshot for a beauty company. THe current product is a small glass jar with a fine colored powder in it. It’s similar to this powder

Im fairly new a Blender, so im still missing some of the basics. How do you guys suggest I do this? I have tried filling a cilinder mesh with particles, but im not getting realistic results. Plus, my computer is slowing sooo much when i fill it up with that many particles.

So thinking about creating a mesh and applying a displacement texture to it to create that powder look. But im not sure how to do this, so it will actually have minor height differences and stuff. Just realitstic.

Furthermore, I would also like to create a small pile of the stuff next to the jar… With some small particles scattered around it …

How would I go about to doing this? Filling up the jar would have priority…


Bump map might work fine for inside the jar. The grains are so small, and would probably be so uniform being held up by the glass, that displacing the mesh wouldn’t be needed. I was experimenting with procedural textures, and i found a similar look to this with the “noise texture” applied to a bump map, with the scale cranked up pretty high (100+).

I think a particle system would be needed for the pile outside the jar, which I can’t really give any advice on, personally.

Bump and displacement is the way to go. Here’s a similar experiment from some time ago:

IMHO the powder would not show much structure on the sides, as the powder is compacted against the tub walls. So I assigned a simple diffuse material to the bottom and side polygons of the “content mesh” with just an image of a dry wall as a bump map added to it.

For the fluffy top area I found a powder texture online, which I applied as bump map and as displacement map (with a Displace modifier, as back then there was no other way of doing that) only to the top polygons, which were sculpted to give more height variation.

thank you for you answers… As you suggested… I used a noise texture / plaster texture as a bump map, and now it looks reasonably well, so thank you for that. Im still struggling with the loose powder part…Im trying particles but its difficult.

If i have a decent result…ill get back to you guys. .Thanks!