How to create specific texture ?

I would like to make texture for bump mapping similar to this (on door around the face)?
How to do it ? How to start making it?

You create the Pattern in a Photoshop or even blender… I would go top view, align camera. Then set your resolution to be 600x600 or 1200x1200. Then create some shapes that look cool and add an array modifier to a lot of them to get this kind of pattern. Again it may be easier to do it in a photo shop…

For specific manmade geometric patterns I’m guessing I would try to model it and bake out a normal map.

just geo and normal maps

Thank you. I got reply from original author:


Build and mapped it in Maya. Did the textures using Quixel Suite, using Ndo to “draw” the patterns in Photoshop.

Good luck!

Martin Emborg

Could you tell me how to make this workflow with GIMP, xNormal and Blender ? How to make patterns with Gimp ? Thanks

What do you mean geo ? How to create normal maps?

You can convert any image to normal maps with numerous different software. There is even online program

Now you just need to figure out how to draw such pattern. In photoshop it can be easy, but I have no idea about gimp. Maybe inkscape?

you can use Blender to create the Image you want No photo shop needed. For me making things like that is easier in Blender than Photoshop but just use the program you are comfortable with. I would add a Cube, then Model an interesting shape, Then add an Array modifier and add loads of copies. Then add another cube and repeat the process, just changing the shape as you go to create interesting stuff… I did this along time ago and was trying to find the result to show you, but I must have deleted ages ago…

Thanks to all.
I’ve made the pattern. I would like to know how to create ambient occlusion map out of it. I watched Blederguru tutorial about baking in cycles but there is not explained AO map.
How to bake high polygon mesh in AO map?

Then how to combine usual bake texture with AO in material nodes?

edit: Could you also tell me if I did bake texture and positioned the plane the right way?
pattern.blend (517 KB)


Method 1:
pattern_bake.blend (656 KB)
Standard Cycles baking.
Make sure the image node is selected in the node editor and click “bake” in the render tab.

Method 2:
pattern_fake_bake.blend (704 KB)
SR Lazy Displacement “baking”
Just click “render” or press F12

Both use cycles to bake, so if you want a less gritty texture, you’ll have to use a higher sample count.
(I needed results fast and was on CPU, so the files have a pretty low sample setting.)

For anything else I’d recommend searching for “Cycles baking” a bit until you find a tutorial that explains the settings and what you have to do a bit more detailed than the video from blenderguru.