How to create specular and normal maps ?

If i have a metal texture, whats the right way to make a specular map out of it ?

i know its a b/w image of the same texture but how should i do it ?
just desatirate ?

and for the normal texture , does gimp have a plug for this ?

i just found that to make specular maps , the white is the bright anf the black is not bright at all.

Also i founfthis tuto on making normal maps out of difuse maps

, but is there a plug or software to make real normal maps ( the ones with more colors not just b/w ) ?

Normal maps are colored, whereas bump maps are just B&W, like specular ones.
I guess there is a plugin for normal maps with Gimp.
Also you can bake your own normal maps with Blender.

download NormalMap GIMP Plugin from here
and follow this guide to create your first normal map: tutorial

For Photoshop:
download nvidia plugin.

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