How to create this Cartoon Shader?

I’ve recently come across the 3D Polyquest World Model Pack on Turbosquid (This), and I have very quickly fallen in love with the shading style they have employed in their screenshots.
It looks to be some sort of volumetric Breath of The Wild-esque shader. However, I don’t want to spend close to $400 on the pack to potentially not get any access to the shader (it doesn’t seem to be listed in the description of assets you would get when buying the pack). It was also made in Unity.
Does anyone know how to create this look?
A good example from the pack:

A quick try.
comic.blend (899.7 KB)

this doesn’t look like a special shader at all. This looks like a smartly lit white diffuse material.

What about the fog/mist type volumetric effect within the crevice? Is that the rocky cliff model doing most of the work?

That’s the thing. I’m not even sure if there’s actual fog. It might just be bloom that’s softening the lights.

Using your .blend file, I played around with the lights. I had better luck with spot light with a really high radius, compared to your area lights, because area lights create some pretty weird shadows that I don’t really know how to iron out.

The original seems to have a very soft light that covers the entire image

Even for the rock the difference between lit area and cast shadow is very faint.

I have increased the strength of those lights, plus done some work on the crevice light to be more spread throughout the hole, instead of a bright point down the centre.

Also, I have noticed some small rendering artifacts in my latest render.
Along the “rocks” down the wall of the crevice, there seems to be a halo or something surrounding part of their edges. And, in the bottom left of the image, red light bleeding onto blocks that shouldn’t have any red light illumination them. Do you know of any ways to prevent that?

Reduce diffuse ray bounces I guess.

Or increase the radius of the light

Increasing the light radius just washes the whole image in red, instead of keeping the light within the crevice, so to speak. Reducing Diffuse ray bounces also did nothing

You didn’t put a bevel mod did you

No I have not.
Doesn’t matter, I just figured it out
Reducing the radius of the light did fix things. It also added harsher shadows!

ofc you can tweak it to your like.

comic1.blend (1.1 MB)