How to create this kind of render in blender?

I want this kind of shadding on my bitcoin logo . I tried various nodes , vornoi texture but none seems to get me to the result :disappointed_relieved:.

I think the letter is some kind of bulged and there is some colored lamp or reflecting geometry involed…

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It seems that the patern over the Letter shading is only a visible triangulation done by an autosmoth;

This also came to my mind… :laughing:

Yeah I think so , because when I created bitcoin logo in blender my whol geometry was smooth so no such thing happened

Actually the above logo is transparent when I change background the bitcoin logo changes its colour

Oh man, that’s funny. At first, I was thinking that it was just a simple reflection shader. You can get the same look by increasing the metallic and making sure it has something to reflect like a studio HDRI or something but then making that invisible to the camera.

However, as I zoomed in, I actually think those might be shading artifacts. Those shapes on the surface look like bad normals from triangle faces that you see when you extrude a simple spline (bitcoin logo in this case) text.
You can kind of see the effect here:

LOL! I took so long to reply that several other people spotted the same issue too. :smiley:

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I have made those kinds of renders for bitcoin and crypto icons , u can check on their website. Those are not bad normals but textures used in particular . it was freelance work so I do not have files Unfortunately . otherwise I would have shared it here :slightly_smiling_face:.
Note : I m not promoting anyone :pray: