How to create this material?

Hey Guys ,
I received a bike model from a client, that is missing some textures. And im struggling to get the right texture on the back reflector…I need a something like this

I already have the mesh, and im not allowed to alter it. So Im just allowed to apply a material

i prefer procuderal, but an image texture will work too. Im just not sure how to achieve the pattern look with the plastic look at the same time.

So If anybody can get me on my way, that’d be great…

you could use this image as an Image Texture, as long as you won’t need any close-up shots

Ah yeah, good idea
How would i combine this with the plastic that the thing is usally made of?

Just mix the image texture with a glass shader ? Im not very good with nodes and such so forgive my ignorance

The pattern on the back of a retroreflector are cube corners - a bit like this

However to make it look right, you’d need a normal or displacement map version. I have had a look and can’t see any candidates online, so it may be something you’ll need to model, then bake a map from the model.

You would apply this to the rear faces of the model.


you can just combine Diffuse with Glossy. First make the image perpendicular with an image editor, also create a normal or height map to give it a bit of bumps:

then again it all depends on the level of realsm you need, will there be some close-up shots etc?

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Thanks guys for the input, this will definately help. And no, no closeups for now but those might be requested later… Ill try this solution first and if it doesnt work, Ill know where to find you :slight_smile:
thanks again

A normal map won’t cut it, as a retro reflector makes several internal bounces and a normal map only bounces directly out. You either need displacement mapping or actual geometry to make it proper. For far away shots, a mask using geometry/incoming to drive glossy normal will do (like for retro reflective tape).

With proper, I mean actually retro reflect. Normal maps may be fine to fake the appearance, but it won’t reflect a viewer light source back to the viewer no matter the angle.

I was talking about to simulate the texture of the rear face.

From the way the OP framed the question, it sounded to me like the OP wanted the item to look like a reflector, but not to act as an actual retroreflector.

Yes that is true… for now…I just need it to look like an reflector…not act like one since is just for a product visualization.

But i might need to make a close up animation too, and then It might be usefull to make it act like an reflector too. So ill now how to achieve that too because of you guys. thanks!

If you want it to work as a proper retroreflector - you could just model the corner cube geometry like this:

Then if you give it a suitable material, like a simple glossy with a roughness of 0.1, it will act like a retroreflector if your lights and camera are in the correct orientation:

Just a test I did a long time ago on retroreflection, using cubes:

It gets some pretty crazy reflections.