How to create this texture proceduraly in Blender?

Hi all ! Is there any way to create something like that proceduraly in Blender ?

I’ve been trying for several hours now but without success…

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Let me show you a few tricks that’ll help you get started:


i got it to work now
had to change the mapping from point to texture

tried first nodes set up and not working yet

looks like color ramp has 3 values
one white and 2 black

can you upload sample file

happy bl

can also use this method here

happy bl

Voronoi procedural texture generates a bunch of randomized positions on the surface of the mesh and outputs distance from current pixel to the closest of such positions. You can use this distance output as factor for radial gradient. The problem is that Voronoi cannot generate intersecting circles; it will clip them away if the radius is too big. So you’ll need to stack up several Voronoi setups with different offsets

In the bottom picture, there are 4 Voronoi textures… but only 2 are being used.

Is that correct?


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It is, although if you use the extra two you get an even more complicated pattern. I just didn’t want to muddy the waters :slight_smile:

So… would their outputs need to connect to ColorRamps and then 2 more Adders?

Again thanks.

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BTW, I missed completely that @joseph already suggested Voronoi. The non-randomized look on his screenshots confused me

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That should do it :slight_smile: