How to create this thread model

How can i create this type of thread key-chain model.

So far i tried with tissue addon but for me did not work. After struggling i came to end with this.

Any suggestion or help how it works. Or any addon. Thanks

Start with this simple geometry:

Let the modifiers do their thing:

  • Screw to extrude
  • Wide Bevel to round the corners
  • Array to make more links
  • Solidify for thickness
  • Narrow Bevel for supporting edges
  • Subsurf for further smoothing

Then make a few duplicates, rotate and move in place:

The ends you will need to fix up manually, after applying at least up to Array on the main shape.

keychain_braid.blend (140.8 KB)


wow. Its really awesome. Thanks

Maybe just make a single unit of 4 thread with curves? Then with array and curve modifier make whole lenght of it. Like this:


why i cant see the modifiers.

can u plz share the file so that i can look whats going. Thanks

Not sure. I made the file in 2.91, are you on an older version?

Yeah sure. Here you go: thread_test.blend (3.0 MB)

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me to using 2.91. Why modifier not visible.? :confused:

I don’t know, it opens fine here. Try clicking one of the wrenches in the outliner. Or perhaps try unticking ‘Load UI’ in the File -> Open dialog?

Are you using any add-ons that deal with modifiers?